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Café BrasiliaSpontaneity... with Character

Café Brasilia

Few things can lift your spirits like spending time with good friends. And what better way to catch up than over a cup of coffee? The Brazilian arabica beans we use are farmed using the ‘pulped natural’ method, which brings out an extra sweetness so Café Brasilia is brimming with Latin flavour, making it the perfect convivial coffee to share. The blend is finished with a handful of African beans to add extra liveliness to this dark, rich and seductive coffee.



The School of Coffee

Teh School of Coffee

Want to know the story behind your coffee? Here, our experts reveal more about their regular trips around the world to meet the people who grow our coffees.




Find out how we work with the world's leading independent certifiers and our commitment to ensuring that our coffee is grown with respect for both people and planet.


Coffee Gifts

Coffee Gifts

Looking for something to spoil the coffee lover in your life? Or simply looking for a way to proudly tell the world that you love coffee with character?


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