Where did the tokens go?

Rainforest Tokens

Ever noticed those tokens on our packs?

If you’ve been buying Taylors coffee for the last few years, you might have spotted our Yorkshire Rainforest Project tokens. For every one a customer cut out and sent back to us, we made a donation.

It’s a huge project with the aim of helping to protect an area of tropical forest the size of Yorkshire – that’s about 1.5 million hectares.

But we figured it was time to change the system. We’ve realised that it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense to ask people to cut out parts of the pack and post them in.

So we’ve ditched the tokens. But we certainly haven’t ditched the cause. In fact, not having to process all those fiddly little squares of packaging should mean we can donate more than ever.

It’s another step closer to the goal of our Yorkshire Rainforest Project – a project we’re in for the long haul.

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