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Single Origin Coffee Capsules

Taylors Coffee Capsules

Our coffee capsules are now available to order from our online shop, or you can pick them up as part of your weekly shop at Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Tesco supermarkets.

Meet the new way to enjoy our coffee.

We’ve captured the definitive flavours of the world’s best growing regions, and packed them into a range of simple coffee capsules. They’re compatible with all Nespresso®* machines and stay fresh without any excess packaging.

Here’s a quick look at the range, but you can find out more at the Taylors Coffee Capsules online shop.

Taylors Kenya Heirloom Capsules

Kenya Heirloom

We call our Kenyan coffee capsules ‘Heirloom’ because they come from the country’s traditional varietals – some cultivated since the beginnings of the Kenyan coffee industry, others identified and catalogued in the years that followed.

Their taste profile typifies the flavours which have made Kenya, and much of East Africa, so famous for coffee growing – a lively, fruity quality, represented here by hints of blackcurrant and apricot jam, and fragrant, floral notes.

Taylors Colombia Huila Capsules

Colombia Huila

Colombia is divided into 32 ‘departments’, and the Huila Department lies in the southwest. It boasts the country’s highest volcano (the Nevado del Huila) and the source of its principal river, the Magdalena – and a particularly good reputation for the quality of its coffee.

That’s where we source the beans for our capsules, and their flavour profile demonstrates why Huila is considered one of the best growing regions in Colombia. A long roast softens their clean, lifting acidity into a mellow, elegant espresso, delivering delicate flavours of sweet lemon, gentle malts and a whisper of vanilla.

Taylors Brazil Yellow Bourbon Capsule

Brazil Yellow Bourbon

Brazil has been the world’s biggest coffee producer for 150 years. It has given Brazilian coffee a deserved reputation for being capable of producing consistently good quality coffee – and that quality and scale, plus a tendency towards beans with a deep, chocolatey flavour profile.

It’s the reason it provides the foundations for so many great blends – but the very finest Brazilian coffee deserves to be tasted on its own. The Yellow Bourbon varietal coffee in our capsules shines with a long, slow roast, developing notes of walnut and toffee and a touch of smokiness.

*Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. Taylors of Harrogate is not associated with Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. and that company has not manufactured or endorsed our products.

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Allez! Allez!

Allez Allez All Angles Visual

In just a couple of weeks, the biggest cycling event in the world will be heading to our doorstep.

This year, the Tour de France’s opening stages – Le Grand Départ – will be setting off from our Yorkshire. In fact, it’ll be heading almost right past our offices in Harrogate. We’ll be able to watch it from our windows.

To mark the occasion, we’ve made a special, limited edition coffee called “Allez! Allez!”. That’s it in the picture above. Pretty, eh?

We’ve created the blend to be as perfectly balanced as the riders. Brazilian beans give it rich, cocoa tones and beans from Latin America give it a peppy orange lift. The result is powerful yet nimble – a sublimely calibrated coffee.

You can pick up a pack from Tesco, Waitrose and Morrisons. We reckon it’s the perfect accompaniment to watching the Tour de France this year!

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Welcome to Coffee


That’s what some people think when they see our new, and first ever, TV ad.

There’s also “wow”, “awesome” and “I hate it”. It’s divisive, that’s for sure – but it’s definitely not boring. Boring is the worst thing it could have been be.

Our Jess, marketing manager, agrees. She says: “The vast majority of ads go unnoticed or forgotten; particularly in the world of coffee, where romantic liaisons and brimming mugs are the ‘beige’ creative norm.

“We want to disrupt that and deliver the unexpected, to be confident and distinctive. Ultimately, we wanted to create an ad just like our product; a complex, magical, and mind-blowing coffee experience.”

Does the final result, created by director Frank Budgen, go too far down the rabbit hole? Some might think so – but if you could zoom into your neural synapses when coffee hits your taste buds and caffeine finds your brain, we think it’d pretty much look like this.

Check it out for yourself by hitting play on the video above. And let us know what you think by getting in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

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Meet Colombia


IN THE last post we told you about our gorgeous new Rwanda coffee – the end product of a huge project in the country, of which we’re extremely proud.

But we don’t want you to think that’s the only coffee in our new single origin range which has real ethical clout.

All our coffees are certified – by the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade or UTZ – and we go to great lengths to find wonderful coffee, pay fair prices and re-invest in the people who grow it.

Take Colombia. We source our single origin Colombian coffee from the foothills of the Andes, where some of the world’s most celebrated coffee grows.

It’s a medium-bodied coffee with wonderful balance and a complex aroma. It boasts a sweet fruity acidity with hints of tropical fruit and delicious caramel notes, typical of the best Colombian beans. Medium dark roasted, it makes a beautiful coffee with a creamy body and a buttery finish.

Look out for it and the rest of the range in branches of Tesco and Morrisons.

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Meet our Half Caffs

Meet Our Half Caffs

In the coffee bars of New York, not all espresso comes fully loaded with caffeine.

After customers started asking for a lighter version, baristas in the city devised a 50/50 blend – mixing half regular coffee and half decaf in a single cup for an espresso with a milder kick.

It was the inspiration behind our Take it Easy blend, which you might have seen on the shop shelves. But with our single origin launch last week, it felt like the right time to reboot our half caff offering too.

So it’s goodbye to Take it Easy, and hello to two half caff versions of our biggest selling blends, Rich Italian and Lazy Sunday.

Rich Italian, if you don’t know it already, is a sophisticated rich roast inspired by the elegant blends of northern Italy, made with chocolaty Brazilian beans and subtly sweet beans from Africa.

And Lazy Sunday is our coffee for lie-ins, Sunday papers and lazy mornings with your feet on the sofa, with sweet hazelnut and juicy citrus flavours from African and Latin American beans and a laid-back, medium roast.

We’ve taken these much-loved blends, and used a natural water process to decaffeinate 50% of the beans. They’re lower in caffeine, but they’ve got the same great taste. Guaranteed.

Fancy giving them a try? Let us know what you think by getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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Welcome to Origin

Our Origin Range

Meet our new gorgeous range of single origin coffee – four exceptional coffees from some of the best growing regions in the world.

From the the nutrient-dense, volcanic soils in the eastern highlands of Java, to the beautiful foothills of the Andes and the abundant rainfall and high altitudes of Rwanda, we’ve chosen four origins which boast perfect conditions for growing coffee, to showcase the best on offer from the world’s main producing regions.

So from South America, we’ve found bright, buttery Colombian beans; from East Africa, the crisp, elegant flavours of coffee from Rwanda; from Asia, the intense, chocolaty beans which grow in Java, Indonesia; and from Latin America, we chosen zesty, fresh coffee from Guatemala.

“We’ve picked incredible quality beans from our suppliers for the new range,” said Liz from our coffee. “That means some really remarkable coffees which have a refined, complex flavour.”

“We think it’ll really stand out on the shelf – and also at home when people try it.”

You should start seeing the new packs on the shop shelves from this week.

Look out for them in branches of Tesco and Morrisons – and please get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you think.

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Almost ready…

We’ve got some big news to announce – and we think you’re going to like it.

But it’s not ready to talk about it just. So for now, we’re afraid you’ll have to make to with these teaser images.

Thankfully there’s not too long to wait. Pop back next week and all will be revealed.

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Our answer to winter


Well, there’s no denying it any more. It’s definitely winter.

The mornings are chilly, the nights are nippy and it’s now decidedly dark when we leave Taylors HQ at the end of the day.

It’s easy to get a little down in the mouth, but then we remember – Christmas is just around the corner!

It’s a particularly notable time of year for us, because it’s when we start to sell our Christmas Blend – a beautifully warming winter coffee which this year can boast a Gold Star from the Great Taste Awards!

To make it, we roast Latin American beans on the dark side of medium for a chocolaty richness, then add aromatic Ethiopian beans for a taste that’s bold enough to match the richest of festive foods.

It’s also 100% Fairtrade, ethically sourced thanks to our strong relationships with our suppliers.

As the nights get shorter and the air gets chillier, we think it’s the perfect thing to warm you up – and of course it makes a very lovely gift. And it’s making its way onto the shop shelves this very moment!

Lastly, if you happen to be in the London from Nov 21-24, you can find us at the Taste of Christmas event, where you can try our Christmas Blend for yourself for free.

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A gold star for us… actually, make that four!

We’re proud of our coffee, but could we say it’s award-winning?

Well yes, yes we could. Because we’ve picked up a bundle of plaudits in this year’s Great Taste Awards.

The awards take place over a couple of months and involve hundreds of judges. They taste everything from cheese to chocolate to pasta sauce – and they put a special expert panel together for the coffee tasting.

And that panel gave us no less than four Gold Stars for our range.

We picked up gongs for Decaffé, our fully-flavoured decaf blend; Espresso, our blend specifically designed for espresso machines; the seasonal Christmas Blend, which will be available to buy again in the next few months; and our easy-going Lazy Sunday beans.

And you know what? We’re chuffed to bits!

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Easy like Sunday morning

We have a bit of a thing for Sundays.

In fact, we like them so much that we named one of our blends after them.

Lazy Sunday is one of our most popular coffees – mostly, we like to think, because of its soft, smooth, easy-drinking balance, but also because the idea of a lazy Sunday tends to strike a bit of a chord with people.

Life can get pretty busy these days, so when a long Sunday stretches ahead of you like a blank canvas, it can feel like the best breather short of a holiday. And a proper coffee is the icing on the cake.

Of course, we would say that – we do sell the stuff – but anyone who has ushered in a slow weekend morning with the plunge of a cafetière will know exactly what we mean.

We’re keen for more people to fall for the idea of indulging in a spot of Lazy Sunday, so we’re currently sponsoring the Sunday morning show on Classic FM, from 9am to midday with Aled Jones.

If you’re not able to tune in, you can still enter the Classic FM competition to win the ultimate Lazy Sunday – including a Kenwood coffee maker, a beautiful Roberts Sounds radio and a year’s supply of coffee.

To enter, visit Classic FM’s entry page – where you can also read the full terms and conditions. The closing date is April 28.

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